Monday, 3 November 2008

Student response to Remake/Remodel

We have come to throw things away too easily, everything is packaged and repackaged without much thought about the impact this has on our planet. 
If one starts to consider what else could be done with the amount of 'rubbish' we produce, then a whole world of possibilities opens up to us. 

Below are a couple of examples of what could be done by remaking and remodeling items that would normally be thrown away, or in this case were actually thrown away but then salvaged. 





Polystyrene is not recycled due to economic reasons and it is also quite toxic, it is therefore even more important to try to re-use it in some way that doesn't do more damage to the environment; though it would be good if it were never used in the first place. 
It does have some interesting qualities to it that make it suitable for packaging, as well as make it good to re-use. These include it's unobtrusive colour (generally), insulation qualities, water resistance and strength. 

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